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Currently Being Used as a Temporary Green School Building Solution, which could be Permanent, This Relocatable Modular School Complex is Available for Lease or Purchase.

Location: Needham, Massachusetts
Square Footage: 35,620; – 30 Complete Classrooms
Number of Modules: 38 modules comprising a fully functional School Building Complex

Modular Construction Company

Triumph Modular, a premier provider of high quality relocatable and permanent modular buildings, has recently installed a modular school building complex comprised of 30 classrooms and administrative space at the Newman Elementary School in Needham, MA. This modular school solution provides an optimal learning environment enabling students to continue learning on site during the original school’s renovation. These temporary classrooms house up to 500 students grades two through six while the school is being renovated.

Available for Lease or Purchase

Used modular school buildings could be made available to other school districts seeking additional space. The buildings have a life span comparable to stick-built structures and can be used by multiple school districts over the course of their lifetime, including charter schools seeking a permanent, green solution that offers the benefits of new construction without the cost and time horizon attributed to capital projects.

This modular school complex is relocatable, but could also be permanent. In its current use, this is a sizable installation of 35,620 sq. ft. and was installed in just 60 days. The modular school complex is comprised of three separate buildings. The 38 modules include 30 classrooms, administration offices, and 3 multi-stall restrooms. Each of the 3 buildings has 10 classrooms and is connected via a ramped corridor.

Flexibility, Modern Design and Green Features

This modular solution uniquely offers flexibility, style and numerous sustainable features, including:

• Lighting occupancy sensors
• Ultra-violet anti-bacterial lighting systems
• High-efficiency rooftop HVAC units with energy recovery technology
• Anti-microbial, moisture and mold resistant materials
• Double-paned low emissivity windows
• Low-flow water fixtures
• Recycled materials

Benefits and Advantages of Modular Schools

Modular schools can be created to allow for additional classrooms, a library, gymnasium, or additional stories and can be modified and expanded at later dates. Modular school buildings offer the permanence and performance levels of conventional construction – but in a fraction of the time. They’re built to meet your specific design requirements, with complete customization as needed. Of course, flexibility is built in. When enrollments shift, so can the school addition. With Triumph you can be in your new school facility sooner than with conventional construction.

Massachusetts State Building Code Requirements

The modular relocatable buildings meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code which is an appendix to the Massachusetts State Building Code adopted in May 2009, allowing municipalities to voluntarily substitute for the standard energy code. The “stretch energy code” is based on the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) 2009, but with approximately 20% greater building efficiency requirements.

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